Legier Sieber Agate Stone Signet Ring
Legier Sieber Agate Stone Signet Ring Legier Seiber Agate Signet Ring
$ 450.00

Sieber agate is a very unique lapidary material, which displays a subtle play of swirling patterns of dark electric blue and characteristically contains numerous pinhead sized vesicles. From the Harz Mountains in Germany, it is not actually an agate, but the glassy slag remains of ancient copper smelting that is responsible for the economic boom Harz in the 1400s.

Solid Signet Ring in Brass, Silver, 10k & 14k gold
Weight: 14 grams brass/silver
10k is 17 grams / 14k is 19 grams
Legier rings are handmade in Los Angeles
Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping
10k & 14k gold pricing is for sizes 4-8. Please inquire about additional size pricing.