Larimar Stone Signet Ring

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Found in only one place on Earth, the Dominican Republic, Larimar is light blue to blue-green (often with a white webbing).   First found along the shores of the DR it was thought that it came from the sea, as a gift. Though it looks like water, it has volcanic origins. Larimar’s cool blue color is associated with relaxation and patience, and simultaneously clarity and zest. It is astrologically associated with Pisces, Aries and Leo.

Solid Signet Ring in Brass, Silver, 10k & 14k gold
Weight: 14 grams brass/silver
10k is 17 grams / 14k is 19 grams
Legier rings are handmade in Los Angeles
Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping
10k & 14k gold pricing is for sizes 4-8. Please inquire about additional size pricing.